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  1. 英文孤傲高冷的英语句子
  2. 高冷又随性的英文句子



I have talked about the longest love, is narcissism, I love myself, no rival.


Don't reason with me when I lose my temper. I'm deaf.


Hypocritical people do not say sorry, you go away is the best apology.


Any relationship, as long as you want to be strange, I will never look at it more.


Even if it is a stainless steel heart, stabbed so many times with a knife, it will deform.


I don't have the courage to love you anymore. I still live without you.


It's better to make decisions in your own kingdom than to run wild in other people's world.


Forever, not at all. The sea is dry and the stone is rotten.


There is no such a person let you red eyes, but you still smile to forgive.


People who get up early are trapped by money; those who go to bed late are trapped by love.


Your world has nothing to do with me, my world you only deserve to watch.


Low profile doesn't mean I can't do it. It's just that there's no need to play pride with dogs.


Youth should struggle, only efforts will understand, you are doomed to loser.


You'll never know how much someone who thinks about you loves you.


Everyone is an actor. If he plays well, he is the leading role, and if he is bad, he is a supporting role.


Take advantage of the young, boldly go out to meet the baptism of wind, frost, rain and snow.


Falling in love with you makes me a little afraid, afraid to get you and afraid to lose you.


I hate that someone suddenly stops talking to me and doesn't tell me why.


At the moment I you love to ignore, the future I you can not afford.


Saliva is used to count money, not to reason.


If you want to have, you must learn to lose first, then you won't be scarred every time.


Even if others say you are not good, you are my proud existence.


Growing old together is not a matter of dyeing your hair and knocking out a few teeth.


The pain you give me is not a cold, how much cold medicine you take can't be cured!


Long face, wipe your eyes, please see what face is.


Hurt my heart, you don't be satisfied, someone will help me gradually repay to you.


We used to be so good, but now even greetings are afraid to disturb.


Love, love deeply, and leave the best and loving appearance for us.


What is happiness, is you eat fish, I eat meat, watching others gnaw bone!


I am who I am. As for what you think of me, it is neither necessary nor necessary.


Since God let me meet you, I will not fall in love with others.


People who are hot and cold to you may be a dispensable person.


Why do we always understand at the last moment that our love is long gone.


Many years later, will you remember that a girl tried hard to cherish you?


How well I am, from the moment you left, it has nothing to do with you.


I have no ambition in this life, but I just want to make a fortune.


The reason why I am fat is that I am not thin in my heart because of many things.


I'm sorry, sister is so straightforward, can't nag out what you like to hear.


It's better to try our best to live a beautiful life than to comfort yourself with ordinary and precious things.


I don't know from where, my concern for you has become self indulgent.


I can love you to the heart and lung, or walk dry and crisp.


If you can't touch something, you'd better not touch it. If you can't annoy me, you'd better not.


A good woman is a school. A good man can stay in school to teach after graduation.


To be a childlike person, not to be secular, not to be regularized.


Don't blame others for letting you down, just blame ourselves for expecting too much.


No words do not say is our once, nothing to say is our end.


Talk to each other politely. I'm not as understanding as you think.


The school is to sign in five days in a row and send you a big gift bag for homework.


Cultivate a patient, open-minded, wise heart, happiness will come.


The thorns of my choice are all over the road, and I have to walk to the end.


Use the cleanest and most thorough courage of this age to love a person.


Woman, you should live with dignity, smile to others, cry to yourself.


Don't tell me anything when I'm angry. I'm deaf.


It's better to be wonderful than to be yourself in other people's life!


Don't be too generous. You don't argue a lot. What belongs to you will be taken away.


No matter how big your face is, you only have one chance with me.


When I see all the love words, I only think of your face.


18 and ambition, ambition in the struggle, do not know young frivolous, only understand the winner for the king.


The people in my heart, ah, always can't help secretly, give many opportunities.


Don't blame others for judging people by their appearance. After all, the heart is too far away, and the face is in front of you.


Life is only so long, why waste in the process of changing for others.


Silence for a long time I decided, decided your hand, I will not let go.




Everyone is an actor. If he plays well, he is the leading role, and if he is bad, he is a supporting role.


Im used to the habit that shouldnt be used to, but Im persistent!


The bravest thing Ive ever done is to listen to your story about you and her.


Hate me, its OK. I dont mind. I dont live to please you.


Congratulations, I lost one, I love you with my heart.


In fact, I will also hurt, but you will not care.


The strong are not afraid of loneliness, but are afraid of being stagnant in the pursuit of power.


Dont blame others for letting you down, just blame ourselves for expecting too much.


If you talk about me behind my back, it can only show that I live better than you.


I hate who, always show particularly obvious, and I like who, but disguise very well.

Let time to my deep love man.


Smiling face, not to blame. Leisurely, the heart, with you. Destined to allow life to change, only a hundred years later, the life of a flower.

Always margin of shallow How deep.


I wish someone could see your braveness,and give you the warmest embrace.


Some people once to see into the heart even in the moment is eternal

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